Mijn verkenning in het verleden.

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Laatste versie database: 3 september 2010

Gebruik "Zoeken" om een persoon te vinden. Kies "Stamboom" voor een grafische weergave. Elke persoon in dit overzicht is vervolgens te selecteren. In "Familie" is ook elke naam aan te klikken. In dat geval verschijnt het gezin van die persoon.

Use "Zoeken" to search for a person. Select "Stamboom" to get a graphical family tree, clickable for each person. In "Familie", each name is also clickable, and will lead to that person's family.

Sorry, your browser doesn't seem to have the Java plug-in enabled or installed! In order to view this applet, and thus to enjoy the pedigree chart, you should download the Java Virtual Machine (VM). At present, this plug-in is only available from SUN. Click here for download.

Some versions of the Java VM plug-in will result in the printing of a black box. It depends on your OS in combination with the browser, and the Java VM plug-in. This page should be working fine with XP and IE6 or higher versions.

The information in the Gedcom file is privatized as follows: birth: 100 year, marriage: 75 year. If you feel that information on you, or your direct relatives, should not be included, please contact me at . Unfortunately, death cannot be privatized separately from birth in the program The program I use (Res Privata) is not able to remove all recent dates of death. More info on privatization:

The shareware program Gen Viewer was made by Chris Stilwell. The Gedcom file was made with the freeware genealogy program Aldfaer (only available in Dutch). Privatization was done with the freeware program Res Privata, by Naiborly Software.


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